Find out how our young driver insurance works.

We'll install a black box on your car that monitors your driving style, and you’ll get rewarded for driving safely.
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We'll fit a black box to your car

After you've bought a policy, we'll need to fit a black box to your car within 14 days of the start date of your policy. If it's not your car, you'll need get the owner's permission for us to do this.

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How does the black box work?

The black box will be fitted out of sight in your car. The information recorded such as speed and braking smoothly allows us to build up a picture of your driving style.

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No fines or premium increases

We won't fine you or increase your premium in the first year based on your Driving Style Score. The better your driving style score, the cheaper your top up miles will be if you need to buy more miles.


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No curfews or mileage limits

You’ll be able to drive when you want without risk of a fine.

We’ll track the number of miles you drive using your SM>RT WHEELS box, so carefully consider how far you’ll be travelling over the year as top up miles cost more. If you find that you need to buy more miles, the better your driving style score, the less costly they may be. 

The higher your driving style score, the more you’ll be rewarded.

You’ll be rewarded with points for careful driving. Over time you can generate money back of up to 10% of your first year's premium, put directly onto a prepaid debit card for you to spend as you wish.
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How to get a good driving style score


All you have to do is drive consistently safely - smoothly, staying within the speed limits and not braking excessively - and you could get up to 10% money back through your SM>RT WHEELS Card and renewal discounts of up to 33%.


Need to check your policy details?

You can download the policy wording and summary documents below:

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